2018 Q3 - Release of prototype video (HTML5)
2019 Q4 - Official launch of MECA Casino
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Meca City

MECA Casino is more than a game interface. There is a city of fun at your fingertips. Freely explore the MECA City. Discover different casinos. Interact and play together with the people you find there.


Casinos have immersive interior environments to make players feel like they're really there. Players can exchange chips, select games or participate in the events. Explore the space, communicate with other players and play your favorite games with the atmosphere and energy of a real casino.


This is the most popular casino card game in the world. Played against the dealer, up to six players can sit at the table at a time. This is a game of high strategy and high excitement.


Designed to closely mimic a real table, Baccarat features an interactive dealer, realistic movements and a game history board for players to try to analyze trends.

Blazing Hits

Play this 3x5 slot machine surrounded by a ring of fire. With visuals and sounds this realistic, you'll feel the heat.
The game bonuses and spectacular graphics of this dynamic game will keep you coming back for more.

Wheel of Jackpot

This slot machine is a casino staple. It is a variation of the classic 3X3 slot machine, the most popular game in the world.With Wheel Bonus and Double-Up, there are more chances to boost your winnings.

Thunder of Zeus

Experience the battles of Zeus and the Titans with this slot machine. The power of the elements surrounds you while you play, putting you at the center of the action.

Cosmic Wild

Set in space, this slot machine has a single pay-line with a zodiac theme. Get ready for a fast-paced game in the middle of the Galaxy.

Wild Africa

This 4x5 slot machine is played in the wild African plains. Test your luck surrounded by wild animals in an open natural setting.